Thursday, June 27, 2013

What’s So Special About Pediatric Dentists, Anyway?

Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City

According to an article in the Tri-Town News, “pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry.” Many parents confuse family dentists with pediatric dentists, but in fact, there’s an easy way to spot the difference. Pediatric dentists focus specifically on dental care for children of all ages, from infants to adolescents. They are required to undergo at least two years of rigorous training after four years of dental school, providing them with thorough hands on training and ­­in-depth methods on how to correctly care for the unique mouth of a child. These advanced study programs give pediatric dentists the experience in addressing problems specific to the development of children’s teeth, making them qualified to give your child the best oral care available. 
At Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City, we know that it is imperative that your child has positive early dental experiences. That’s why we have been taught relevant management techniques that will ensure your child a smooth transition into the world of pediatric dentistry. We have been trained to spot and correct children’s oral problems early on, as well as have been taught effective techniques to manage dental fear in children.

Never belittle the importance of good oral health! Visit us at our website, and call 516-222-5100 to set up an appointment. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Interesting Tooth Facts

Did you know that Odontophobia is the fear of teeth? Or that a lemon shark grows about 24,000 new teeth a year, a new set of teeth grow approximately every 14 days (who knew?!)?
See below for some more interesting (and sometimes wacky) tooth facts:
  • A salmon with two mouths, two sets of teeth and two tongues was caught by Bob Bateman of Canada
  • The Chinese politician Mao Zedong refused to ever brush his teeth and instead just washed his mouth with tea
  • The unique characteristics of Barbie dolls in Japan are that they have their lips closed with no teeth showing 
  • In 1945 Grand Rapids became the first city to add fluoride to its drinking water to prevent cavities in peoples' teeth. 
  • An old German custom to relieve a toothache was to kiss a donkey
  • Dolphins teeth have growth rings, similar to trees, that allow scientist to guess how old they are!
  • Walt Disney not only had false teeth - but an entire collection! Including wood, ceramic, glow in the dark, jeweled dentures and more!
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Weekend Events on Long Island!

Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City

Do you have Father’s Day weekend plans? If not, we've got a couple of ideas (courtesy of that will be sure to satisfy Dad on his special day!

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Event: Choose your Own Adventure
Location: Old Westbury Gardens, Old Westbury
Date/Time: Saturday, 6/15 10-5

Event: Family Bingo Night
Location: County Fair Entertainment Park, Medford
Date/Time: Saturday, 6/15 6-9 pm

Event: Strawberry Festival
Location: Mattituck Lions Club, Mattituck
Date/Time: Saturday, 5/16 11-11

Event: Father’s Day in Flight
Location: Maritime Explorium, Port Jefferson
Date/Time: Saturday, 6/15 and Sunday, 6/16, 1-5

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Have You Downloaded the Toothbrush Timer App?

Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City

If you have trouble getting your little ones to brush for the proper amount of time, we've got a solution for you!

The "Toothbrush Timer" app is the perfect solution to get your children to brush for the adequate amount of time each and everyday. No more guessing or hoping they've brushed for long enough, using the time will ensure they're brushing properly all the time.

Download "Toothbrush Timer" today from the app store and begin utilizing this great app on your iPhone or iPad!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day of School Traditions to Share with Your Children!

Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City

Summer is almost here, and the last day of school is approaching quickly!

We found a few great suggestions for last day of school traditions for you to practice with your kids.  (Courtesy of
Photo Source: Wikipedia
The best way to capture the moment and hold on to it is to take a picture.  Most parents like to get the first day of school picture right before class begins.  A creative way to take the last day of school picture is to print out the first day picture and have them hold it and pose in the same way.  It is a great visual reminder of how much they have grown and changed throughout the year.  Also encourage your kids to write a thank you not to their teachers that they can hand in before leaving, that entails some of their favorite things they learned that year.  Once the kids are dismissed from that last class they are usually bursting with energy and excitement for the summer vacation.  Schedule an after school play date with their friends and let them have a summer battle with water balloons, squirt guns, shaving cream or even just a fun game of tag!

Finally have a nice treat for them maybe take them out for ice cream, a movie, or a favorite restaurant just make it consistent every year and it will become something for your child to really look forward to at the end of the year.  Summer is approaching quickly and kids grow up fast, so plan something the both of you can remember for years to come!