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Healthy Valentine's Day Snacks

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Valentine's Day is traditionally a holiday full of candy, chocolate -- and of course love.  But unfortunately, these same sweet treats can wreak havoc on growing teeth.  Try your hand at these healthy Valentine's Day treat alternatives when celebrating with family this weekend!

Valentine's Day Salad
Salads are usually not the first thing that come to mind on Valentine's Day - but this recipe for a Valentine's Day is cute, healthy and festive.

Instead of focusing on sweet treats, create a salad with heart shaped mozzarella slices!  The vitamins in mozzarella are perfect for growing teeth.  Cut up some mozzarella, slice tomatoes, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar for a cute Valentine's Day snack.

Try the recipe from here.

Tomato Tulips
Flowers aren't the only way to celebrate Valentine's Day!  These Tomato Tulips are a cute way to create a creative bouquet.  Slice plum tomatoes and fill the tulips with greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt contains probiotics that help slow the growth of cavity causing bacteria.  They're great for gum health and are lower in sugar than other types of yogurt.  (via Pinterest)

Mini Cheese Ball Warm Fuzzies
This cute snack is perfect for kids!  With heart shaped antennae, your kids are sure to love these cute creatures - and they're easy to make.  Each cheese ball has cracker feet, olive eyes and rice noodle antennae with pepperoni hearts.  Cheese contains vitamins that benefit growing teeth.

View the complete recipe here on Hungry Happenings.

Valentine Fruit Wands
Fruit wands are as simple as cutting your child's favorite fruits into a cute heart shape.  If you have heart shaped cookie cutters on hand, this makes prep even easier!

View the complete recipe and instructions here on A Few Short Cuts' blog.

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